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Monday, May 14, 2012

Prois Shirts – The Perfect Travel Partners!

Summer vacation and outdoor adventure time is right around the corner, and it’s time to start looking for a few staple items of travel and outdoor adventure clothing. Look no further than Prois Hunting and Field Apparel!

My time afield is not just limited to my own neighborhood, and I can’t travel in the warmer months without my three staple shirts from Prois; the Ultra Short Sleeve, Ultra BackCountry , and the Turas short sleeve. 
All three feature the famous Prois’ attention to fit form and function, and are as versatile as your travel and outdoor adventures. 
The features that I love the most about three of these shirts for travel are the comfort, packability and easy care.  

Let’s look at the Ultra T shirt – 
Prois Ultra T Shirt

The all around versatile hunting tee that blends the athletic performance features of a running shirt with the concealment needed when in hot pursuit for a trophy, outsmarting the fish, and making a statement about living a life that revolves around camouflage. Designed for women by women, Próis has literally thought of every technical design element to make this shirt a staple in your hunting, travel, and outdoor adventure wardrobe. The Próis Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt’s versatility allows you to wear it alone while stalking plains game on a hot summer day or as a base layer under a Próis vest or jacket when cooler weather rolls in. Outdoor adventures are about movement -  the shirt’s lightweight, athletic cut and fit allows it to seamlessly – and silently— move right along with you. It's constructed with breathable, 100% polyester birds eye wicking fabric, which actively wicks moisture away from your skin through the fabric, helping you stay cool, dry and comfortable – especially when the adventure heats up.

Próis never wants you to settle for downsized menswear or upsized children’s gear, which is why the Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt is tailor-made to fit the female form. Plus, you’ll stay undetected when tracking down your next big trophy, be it game, fish, or a giant mushroom patch thanks to the tee’s available camo patterns: Realtree AP HD® or Advantage Max-1 HD®. The Próis Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt is ultra soft and snag resistant and comes in a wide range of sizes from XS through XL, to provide an ideal fit for hunters of any size. The shirt easily rinses out after a long day afield and dries quickly overnight for wear the next day. Biggest bonus, it can be rolled, wadded, crammed into the smallest spot or pocket and come out looking great and ready to go!

My next must pack shirt also comes from Prois’ signature Ultra line; the Ultra Back Country shirt. 
A year round travel favorite!

Próis® Hunting and Field Apparel has been raising the bar for great-fitting, ʻultraʼ-performing apparel that gives serious female outdoor enthusiasts a competitive edge in the field. And now the company is taking its innovation one step further with the Próis Ultra Back Country™ shirt. This incredible piece of gear is tailor-made for the female hunter and outdoors enthusiast with technical design features that blend the highest levels of form and function in order to enhance performance. Crafted with an athletic cut and featuring a lightweight, whisper quiet design, the sleek and comfortable Próis Ultra Back Country is the ultimate shirt for serious female outdoor enthusiasts on the move. Próisʼ ingenious use of 100% polyester
bird’s eye wicking fabric (a staple used in the Próis Ultra line) actually wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm — a brilliant feature for when facing changing weather conditions in the field.
Love those handy  pockets on the back!

My favorite facet of the Próis Ultra Back Country shirt is its incredibly functional 3-compartment easy access lumbar pocket. It conveniently houses important gear such as hats, gloves, game calls, or small tackle boxes or bags,  — perfect for keeping your hands free and focused on the adventure at hand. Plus, should cold-weather kick in, a simple toss of a heat-activated hand warmer into the 3-compartment pocket will provide hours of continued heated action — keeping you warm, focused and enjoying your time outdoors. Additionally, with the pockets located on the rear of the shirt there are no concerns of small items falling out of traditional chest shirt pockets when bending over. No more  "Oh crap!" moments when leaning over the edge of boat only to have what ever was in your shirt pocket  tumble in the water. The Próis Ultra Back Country shirt features a convenient neck zipper to allow venting when the weather gets warm. I also love its unique thumbholes at the cuff line which are ideal when  layering, as well as further enhancing precision of movement. No more sleeves getting tangled or in my way when I’m photographing fast moving action, or running dogs through their paces.

The Próis Ultra Back Country shirt is ultra soft and snag resistant and comes in a wide range of sizes from XS through XL, to provide a perfect fit for hunters of any size. It’s available in Realtree AP HD®, Advantage Max-1 HD® and, for those who wish to wear it while in their hunting blind as well as around town, or while riding motorcycles, black with camo trim.

My third can’t travel without shirt from Prois is the Turas Short sleeve shirt.

Classy looking and easy care!

No matter what outdoor activity you fancy — pounding the trails on your mountain bike, dropping your line in your favorite fishing hole, or taking aim at the range — you’ll want your clothing to keep up in fit, function and performance. The Próis Turas™ Short sleeve shirt has you covered on all counts and will quickly become your favorite piece of clothing you throw on or cram in your bag on your way outside.

The new Próis Turas Short sleeve shirt was created with the active female lifestyle in mind, complete with a compilation of versatile features that cross the best of both worlds in style and function. Crafted from sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric, this carefully engineered garment is built for ease of movement and lightweight comfort —perfect for when the going gets rough on the trail, or when you need to stay cool and keep on trekking. Plus, since it’s built by women for women, the shirts athletic cut and form-fitting style makes for a perfect fit on any female for any adventure.

As its name implies (Turas is actually Gaelic for journey), the Próis Turas Short sleeve shirt was engineered with the traveler in mind. Its ingenious wrinkle-free fabric allows the shirt to be crammed, stuffed and rolled into the nooks and crannies of your bag, and come out the other side looking like new. And since it’s made for the active female who does it all with little time to spare, the Próis Turas Short sleeve shirt is a cinch to take care of — easy to wash and incredibly quick to dry. Pair it with jeans, trail pants or add a sweater and a bit dressier style of pants or skirt and you  will quickly see what a staple this shirt is for any traveler. 

It comes in a wide range of sizes (from XS to XL) and is made in three sharp color combinations: black with pink accents, white with black accents and navy with white accents. So whether you’re going for a run or sight-seeing for the day, this is the perfect companion for looking sharp while you’re staying active.

Prois - it's what's always in my suitcase! 

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